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At Ford, we aim to keep you moving freely. The FordPass app makes your on-the-go easier. Our new FordHub reimagines the future of transportation. And our friendly FordGuides are there to help every step of the way. Join us, and discover what we mean when we say "Go Further".

The New Ford Service App combines a lot of useful features in one application. Wherever you are going in the UK and rest of Europe, the new Ford Service app makes sure you’re always on top of the situation providing you with lots of useful features and the help you need.

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Download the Free New FordPass App for iOS and Android to your smartphone and enjoy the useful features and benefits. Now comes as standard on Zetec, ST-Line and Active model styles.

FordPass Connect

The New FordPass Connect modem and FordPass app provides drivers with the ability to interact with their new car for a powerful and effortless experience. The new system enhances the FordPass App and connects it directly to your car.

How to activate FordPass Connect

Download the FordPass app onto your mobile phone from the App Store, or Google Play app and create an account with password

  • Add a VIN in the FordPass App
  • Tap "Move" from the landing
  • Select "Add Vehicle"
  • Locate you VIN
  • Type your VIN into the app
  • You should receive a success confirmation screen
  • Add vehicle nickname and press "Save"
  • Your vehicle's nickname, make, model and year should appear successfully on the Move landing page

FordPass Connect Activation:

  • From the "Move" landing page tap "Vehicle Details" located under your vehicles image
  • Press "Activate Vehicle" (located under vehicle image)
  • Start your vehicle with the FordPass app open and accept the activation confirmation on the in-vehicle touchscreen to gain access to vehicle controls

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