FordPass Pro

FordPass Pro gives you the tools to look after up to five connected vehicles. Helping you keep them healthy, secure and running smoothly, so you can focus on the work.

Download app & add vehicle

Add your first vehicle by entering the VIN (vehicle Identification Number), and then activate the modem to start using FordPass Pro. You can add up to five connected vehicles in total.

In control and in the know

FordPass Pro is designed for businesses that have vehicles with FordPass Connect.

FordPass Pro

Vehicle Location

Keep an eye on your fleet, whether you have one vehicle or five, with their recent locations all on one map

FordPass Pro

Remote Start/Stop

​With an automatic vehicle, you can remotely start the engine from you home, office or anywhere else. This helps make sure your vehicle is warmed, de-iced and ready to work when you are.

FordPass Pro

Remote Lock/Unlock

Check if your vehicle is locked, and lock or unlock it from the app Command Centre. So you know your vehicle and contents are secure.

FordPass Pro

Live Traffic

Live Traffic enhances your SYNC 3 Navigation system. Receive real time updates straight to your vehicle, and get rerouted automatically to avoid delays.

Maintenance made easy

FordPass Pro

Owner's Manuals

Easily access your owner's manual through the app. No need to search through the glovebox​

FordPass Pro

Vehicle Health

All your key vehicle health stats on one page - Tyre pressures, oil life, AdBlue® levels, and more. Switch between vehicles to see each of their detailed stats.

FordPass Pro

Health Alerts

Alarm Triggered? AdBlue® level running low? Health Alerts bring any issues to your attention with a push notification and a status update on your FordPass Pro homepage.

FordPass Pro

Dealer Services

Find and set your preferred W R Davies Ford dealership, and arrange servicing and repairs straight from the app.

FordPass Pro

Roadside Assistance

Two taps to call Ford's Roadside Assistance, so we can get you on the road and back to work as quickly as possible.

FordPass Pro Features

How to activate FordPass Pro Connect

Download the FordPass Pro app onto your mobile phone from the App Store, or Google Play app and create an account with password.
  • Add a VIN in the FordPass Pro App
  • Tap "Move" from the landing
  • Select "Add Vehicle"
  • Locate you VIN
  • Type your VIN into the app
  • You should receive a success confirmation screen
  • Add vehicle nickname and press Save
  • Your vehicle's nickname, make, model and year should appear successfully on the "Move" landing page
FordPass Connect Activation:
  • From the "Move" landing page tap "Vehicle Details" located under your vehicles image
  • Press "Activate Vehicle" (located under vehicle image)
  • Start your vehicle with the FordPass Pro app open and accept the activation confirmation on the in-vehicle touchscreen to gain access to vehicle controls.

Need help with FordPass Pro? Get in touch.