The Business Reporting Solution for Pinnacle DMS

W R Davies Motor Group uses Pinewood’s DMS Pinnacle software, which is widely used in the automotive industry. Pinnacle has a large amount of your business data stored inside it which is great. Unfortunately it is not easy to find and use the data you want in your reports, or display it in an easy-to-use format unless you are an excel wizard.

Luckily our Finance Director - Craig Taylor - has over 20 years’ experience working with various accounting packages and is an excel wizard. But if you don’t have your own Craig, read on for a solution.


A common problem

Is your business stuck using Pinnacle reports that are standardised rather than fitting the needs of your individual business? Are you tired of having to spend a long time modifying your extracted reports because the default template includes data you do not need as well as the data you do? Are your reports extracted by multiple people, at different times and/or locations so the same issues are found several times over?

If this scenario sounds familiar, you will be aware it is not very efficient for your business. The time your staff are spending extracting data from the system and producing usable reports would be better spent managing their departments and actually solving the issues revealed by those reports.

The solution

The solution we have come up with is called Fireball Reporting. It uses a connection to the Pinnacle data to enable:

  • bespoke, customised reports
  • automated report production
  • available whenever and wherever your managers need them
  • easy-to-read format
  • bite-sized summaries
  • highlighting areas that require attention
  • time saving efficiencies

Ready to know more?

If you want to know more about Fireball Reporting and the solutions it can provide your business, please reach out and make an enquiry.

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