W R Davies Toyota are here to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive in all conditions. To also assist, we have put together some tips for driving in different weather conditions - this looks at Winter driving tips.

Toyota Winter Check

Safety tips for driving in the winter

  • Drive in control - make sure that your car is in great condition before the winter starts, book in for a free Winter Check at W R Davies Toyota
  • Trip planning – check the forecast before setting off and make sure you leave plenty of time for unexpected delays and to take a break
  • Before setting off make sure your lights are clean and always on, and use a low beam during any storms as this will help you see better as a high beam will reflect off snowflakes/ ice
  • Clear all the snow off your car before setting off to stop it blowing off your car and affecting any vehicles behind you
  • Always be prepared - make sure you have a mobile phone charger just in case as well as an emergency kit just in case it's required (find out what you should include in your kit here:
  • Download apps to help you prepare and manage your journey whilst travelling - Waze App, Android Auto and Apple Car Play are useful when you're out and about.

If you have any other tips for winter driving adventures, why not share them with the team?

If you'd like to know more about the Toyota Winter Check, or to book in with our team today, click: Winter Health check.