Toyota Motability Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I eligible to join the Motability Scheme?


To be eligible to join the Motability Scheme, you must receive one of these disability allowances:

  • Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Child Disability Payment (Scotland)
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

You will need to have at least 12 months remaining on your allowance when you apply.

If I'm over 65, can I still join the Motability Scheme?

You can apply to join the Motability Scheme if you are aged 65 and over and you receive a qualifying mobility allowance above.

I have less than 12 months' allowance - can I still apply for a Motability car?

According to the Scheme guidelines, you need to have at least 12 months remaining on your award to join the Motability Scheme. If you have less than 12 months remaining, you will not be able to place a new application until the Department for Work and Pensions extends or renew your allowance.

How will I receive the New Vehicle Payment?


The quickest way to receive it is by bank transfer.

Just add your bank details in your Motability Scheme online account and they will send you the payment within a few days of you getting your new vehicle.

Log in or create an account then go to ‘Personal details’, enter your bank details and choose ’Payments by bank transfer’.

Motability will only use your bank details to pay you or send you refunds. Your details will be encrypted and secure once you save them in your account.

If you’ve already updated your preference to bank transfer, please double-check your details are still correct before you get your new car or WAV. You can easily update these in your online account if they’ve changed.

If Motability do not have your bank details they will send you a cheque instead, but this could take a couple of weeks to arrive.

What age can I first receive the mobility allowance?


The Higher Rate Mobility Component (HRMC) of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) can be awarded from the third birthday of the disabled person. It is possible to apply for the allowance before that date and as long as the eligibility criteria is met, the award will start from when the disabled person turns three. If a child under three has had the allowance confirmed, an application can be made up to three months before their third birthday, but the lease agreement cannot start until the allowance is awarded.

If a child above the age of three is in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Allowance, an application can be made to the Motability Scheme. The application will need to be submitted in the name of the appointee (parent or guardian) who is responsible for the allowance. 

Can one household have two customers who are both on the Motability Scheme?


​There are no restrictions to the number of Motability Scheme cars within a household, as long as all individual applicants are each in receipt of a qualifying mobility allowance and meet the eligibility criteria. The customer's allowance is used to cover the cost of the lease so it is only possible to have one vehicle per customer. The number of non-Motability vehicles in a household does not affect eligibility for the Scheme.

I've only got a provisional licence, can I join the Motability Scheme?


If you are the customer there are no restrictions to you joining the scheme with a provisional licence, although you will have to meet all other acceptance criteria. Providing you are shown as a Motability permitted driver on the Certificate of Motor Insurance and you are accompanied by your nominated driver who is over 21 and has held their licence for at least three years you can learn to drive in the car.

For all other drivers, certain restrictions do apply regarding provisional licence holders e.g. you must be aged 21 or over, in addition to meeting all other acceptance criteria. For further details of these please contact RSA Motability.

What does the Motability Scheme lease package include?


The Motability Scheme's leasing package includes:

  • Insurance from RSA Motability
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Full RAC breakdown assistance
  • Annual car tax
  • Kwik Fit replacement tyres
  • Windscreen repair/replacement
  • 60,000 mileage allowance over three years (or 100,000 for WAV customers)
  • Many adaptations at no extra cost

Can I part exchange my car?


It is possible for a new customer starting a lease with Motability to trade-in a vehicle. This must be discussed and arranged with ypur local W R Davies Toyota Centre.

Trading in your privately owned car does, however, offer you the convenience of being able to keep your current car until your new Motability car is ready for collection, as well as removing the hassle of trying to sell your car privately.

What is "Contract Hire"?


"Contract Hire" is the term used to describe the type of leasing agreement contract Motability Operations Ltd offer. All our "Contract Hire" lease agreements come with our worry-free package. This means that as well as getting a new car of your choice every three years, your package also includes insurance, servicing, and maintenance, breakdown cover, as well as tyre and windscreen replacement.

No, Hire Purchase is no longer available through the Motability Scheme. Instead, we are focusing solely on our all-inclusive, worry-free Contract Hire lease package.

Can I afford it?


What cars are available at nil Advance Payment?

At Toyota, the majority of our Motability cars are available with £0 advance payment, saving you money in the long term. As most of the costs of running a car are covered by the scheme, you only need to think about your fuel bill.

In fact, some vehicles in our range may cost less than your allowance. Explore our extensive list of Motability offers to suit your budget.

Do I get the Advance Payment back?

You may want to order a vehicle where you pay an Advance Payment in addition to the payments made with your allowance. The Advance Payment is the remainder of the cost of the agreement that is not covered by the allowance over the length of the agreement.

If you have chosen a car with an Advance Payment, it will need to be paid in full to your W R Davies Toyota Centre either before or on the day you collect your new car. This is a non-refundable upfront payment (not a deposit). In some cases, according to individual dealership policies, your local Toyota centre may ask for a deposit to be paid when you are ordering your new car. Any deposit paid will be deducted from the Advance Payment when collecting your car.

Who can I put on the insurance?


The worry-free package includes insurance for up to three drivers, these can be yourself, friends, relatives or carers. All proposed drivers will be subject to the Scheme's policies on who can drive your car and must also meet RSA Motability's (RSAM) eligibility criteria regardless of whether they are added at application or during your lease.

Only drivers who have a legally valid driving licence and listed as permitted drivers on the Certificate of Motor Insurance are insured to drive your Motability car. You can easily view, add or change your named drivers during your lease in the 'Insurance cover' section of your Motability Scheme online account, saving you a call to RSA Motability (RSAM).

Can I have a pet in the car?


You can use your Scheme car in the same way that a family car would be used (e.g. carrying pets). All cars will show wear and tear with use however, you are not covered for interior damage to the vehicle under the insurance policy. Any interior repairs would need to be paid for by you.

What should I do if my car has broken down?


If your car has broken down, contact the RAC. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A patrol will attend your car and repair or recover to a repairer/dealership. The RAC can provide ongoing transport to ensure you can continue your journey. If help is needed to stay mobile during this time a hire car can be requested from the RAC. The RAC can provide a hire car for a 48 hour period if requested within 48 hours of them attending the car.

How often does my car need servicing?


All cars should be serviced as recommended by the manufacturer (e.g. Toyota). This varies from car to car and is generally dependant on mileage and/or time passed. You should have received documentation (e.g. vehicle manual, service book) when your local W R Davies Toyota Centre handed over your new vehicle. Most people tend to store this in the glovebox of the car. If you have any queries related to servicing your Motability vehicle or the manufacturer's vehicle documentation, please contact your Toyota Motability Specialist.

Where do I get the MOT done?


Your local W R Davies Toyota Motability Scheme centre should contact you to book your MOT towards the end of your agreement, if you have any concerns, please give them a call. The cost of the MOT is included in your worry-free lease package (including where a lease has been extended). Remember, you will need to have an MOT completed before you hand the car back at the end of the agreement.

Can I get new tyres?


Kwik-Fit will provide replacement tyres at no cost to you during the course of your agreement. Tyre replacement is subject to a fair wear and tear policy, in line with the level of wear that we would expect to see during a three year lease agreement.

I have a chip/crack in my window, what should I do?


The cost of repairing a windscreen is included in your lease at no additional cost, so when you notice a chip or crack in your windscreen or windows, it’s best to book in a repair as soon as possible. Replacing a windscreen will require an excess payment of £50.

Small chips in the windscreen can quickly develop into cracks but these can often be repaired if they are less than the size of a £1 coin. Most windscreen damage can be rectified easily, as long as action is taken soon after the damage is identified. If you notice any damage to your windscreen, please call the Motability UK Glass line on 0300 037 9944 (00353 18429731 in the Republic of Ireland), who will be able to offer guidance and, if necessary, arrange for an Autoglass technician to visit you. You will need to tell them you are a Motability Customer and present your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

What adaptations are available on the Motability Scheme?


If you require adaptations to help make driving, or travelling, easier or more comfortable, you’ll be pleased to know that many of the most popular ones are available at no additional cost when fitted at the start of your lease. Adaptations are divided into three categories – driving controls, stowage and seating and access.