Myth Busing - Buying a New Car

Buying a new car is a huge step - as one of the largest purchases you will make, you want to make sure you get it right.

Our teams are on hand to guide you through, but here's some things you may want to think about when considering a new car.

1. Who is going to be using the car

Does it need to be family friendly (not forgetting furry friends), suitable for drivers with long work commutes or perhaps it is for someone who does a lot of town driving and needs to negotiate tight parking spaces?

Depending on the above, the model and spec will be very different.

2. What is your budget, and how do you want to pay?

As one of the largest purchases you will make, it's important to know how much you want to spend on a car to ensure its affordable for you. Also consider if you want to pay upfront, or if you would be an appropriate candidate for one of the many flexible payment options now offered.

3. Do you want a new or used car?

A new car means you can design the car you want - colour and extras tailored to you, which is easier if you have very specific requirements.

If not, used cars are also a great option with no waiting time, extended manufacturer warranties and they can offer excellent value for money.

4. Research car reliability, insurance and running costs.

Don't want any unexpected surprises or bills? It's important to know what the associated costs will be so you can factor them in when considering if a car is affordable. Make sure you include tax, servicing costs, insurance and of course, how much will fuel cost based on your average usage.

5. Try before you buy.

If you believe you've found your new car, ask for a test drive. Every car offers a different driving experience and it's important that you're comfortable with the car and its features.

Many manufacturers will offer extended test drives so you get a 'real life' experience of using the car in your day-to-day life.