Take the long way round North Wales

Known for its many castles, lakes and mountains, North Wales is a delightful area to drive through, as long as you allow time for taking in the stunning scenery. Three of the best itineraries for driving in North Wales are outlined below to highlight some of the very best areas of the country. These routes make picturesque day trips if you live local, or can be transformed into a short stay if you’re looking to enjoy some Welsh countryside.

Rhyl to Llandudno

With a beautiful coastline to the west, a scenic drive from Rhyl to Llandudno would impress any driver. Taking just under an hour, this is a perfect day trip and exposes travellers to the idyllic beauty of North Wales. Before setting off on longer journeys we always recommend you check over your vehicle, if you don’t have time we have experts at our Rhyl based dealership, the perfect place to stop before you explore the local seaside.

As you set off from Rhyl you leave behind the seaside resort behind and head east across the Welsh coastline. If you head over to Llandudno via the A548 you’ll run alongside the seafront, which is an easy drive with plenty of opportunities to stop off on the way! If you’re interested in local history, Colwyn Bay is your place. With Grade II listed buildings, parks and gardens dotted around the town, this is a great detour. Again, if you encounter any hiccups along the way, we’re on hand to help at our Llandudno Junction dealership, don’t be afraid to stop in and say hi!

Snowdonia to Anglesey (A4086, via Llanberis Pass)

There are plenty of opportunities for sightseeing along this route, although if you don't stop, you can drive from the lofty peaks of Snowdonia to the delightful Anglesey coast in about two hours. It's difficult not to be impressed by the spectacular scenery of the Llanberis Pass (A4086) which takes you past Mt. Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, and several other high peaks. If you need to get out to stretch your legs or want to take a few photos, stop off in Llangefni, the heart of Anglesey and a pretty town on the River Cefni. The town also has an expert team available at our Llangefni showroom, giving you peace of mind throughout your drive. Surrounded by Welsh countryside, this is a lovely pitstop on route to the destination.

The route continues through the foothills, along the A4244 and A487, before joining the main coastal road, the A55 which takes you across the Britannia Bridge and across the island of Anglesey to Holyhead. From there, you can always catch a ferry to Ireland, otherwise it's literally the end of the road.

Evo Triangle

Unlike the previous routes, this track is renowned amongst motorists yet one few drivers have the luxury of visiting. When they say three is the magic number, many car enthusiasts will naturally conjure up an image of the Evo Triangle. One of North Wales's most famous driving routes, the Evo Triangle is made up of bits of road from the A5, A543 and B4501; each as individual as the last.

As a result of this, motorists can enjoy a 20 mile tour across extended moorlands. The A5 begins the journey - generally smooth, this is a peaceful route with a few houses and the odd farm scattered beside the roadside. With a few curves in the road to keep your gearbox in action, you’ll soon be at Pentrefoelas where you’ll want to turn clockwise in the direction of the A543.

The road ahead breaks up the vast landscape, enticing you out into the open and the driving experience ahead. A variety of straight runs and drawn out cambered turns await after about 7 miles in. As your wheels grip the tarmac you’ll commence downhill, dipping behind a few rocky mounds you’ll find the wind rushing past as you gain speed - be wary though as there are other motorists still on the road, as well as the risk of the resident sheep which are scattered around the area.

When you enter the final third, you’ll be in awe as the surroundings change, whilst the driving experience only improves. On this last leg, you’ll pass the Llyn Brenig Reservoir; a perfect place to stop off if you’re looking to break up the trip, although that’s highly unlikely as the best part of this track is its ‘scalextric for adults’ sensation. If you fancy getting lost in the UK’s version of the bermuda triangle this drive really is a must. With minimal traffic and an endless stream of natural beauty flooding the windscreen, the Evo triangle is a pure Welsh delight for all.

Whether you’re a motor enthusiast or a lover of the outdoors, driving in North wales is a real pleasure and the itineraries outlined above are just three of the memorable driving adventures that await you.