How far can I drive on Electric in the Citroën E-Berlingo Multispace?

The new E-Berlingo Multispace is a fresh model, designed by Citroën to be practical, liveable and most importantly, energetic. This new release increases the efficiency of the electric car to give you piece of mind that any journey will go smoothly and without any problems.

A bit more about the Berlingo range​

This new green car perfectly mimics the style and productivity of its original, the Berlingo Multispace, without any compromise to quality. The E-Berlingo is adaptable for all, with features including independent seats that are adjustable in one single manoeuvre, making this the perfect model for all your mobility needs. 

So, how far does the E-Berlingo Multispace drive on electric?

To keep you going for miles, the E-Berlingo is fitted with the best power sources. A compact and high-performance permanent-magnet 49kW (67bhp) synchronous electric motor will get you going, and two high-energy 22.5 kWh lithium-ion battery packs will ensure you get from A to B. Together, this electric power will take the car certifiably a maximum of 106 miles (NEDC cycle), and since the majority of Europeans drive under 60 miles a day, you’ll be driving all day without having to charge up the vehicle!

That excellent electric car range means that you could drive to the beautiful Brecon Beacons from our Stafford Citroen dealership (just 96 miles one way!), or in the other direction to quaint Bakewell in the Peak District (just 43 miles each way). Who said that an electric car is just for city driving?!

Not only is this vehicle the perfect eco-car to drive, it’s the perfect eco-car to charge too! The E-Berlingo has a Type 1 connector, A/C charging point on the driver’s side which charges an empty battery in only 8 hours, when using a 16 amp (3.3kw) charging station. Or for regular domestic sockets, the E-Berlingo charges fully in 10 hours, so it’ll be up and running before your morning commute.​

Don’t forget the fast-charge option on the E-Berlingo Multispace either!​

In addition to the convenient at-home charging, this electric Citroën also comes with a standard fitted D/C rapid charging port on the passenger side of the car, with something called a “CHAdeMO connector”. 

This means that a 50kw charge station will magnificently get your battery to 50% of its total range in just 15 minutes, and then 80% in a mere 30 minutes! Whether you’re in a rush or forgot to charge overnight, you will be capable of rapid charging options both on the road and off the road with these connector options!

The E-Berlingo Multispace is not only powered by the latest technology but it is also equipped with the latest interior tech! You can find out more about Citroën’s latest electric car and all its gadgets with W R Davies Citroën today.