‘Driving the Future’ today in North Wales – experience driving an electric vehicle in North Wales

Driving in North Wales with twisty roads, hidden rural treasures and spectacular scenery is something that every driver should experience – but it can bring challenges with regards to modern driving; namely electric cars

The Renault Zoe, on sale now, is the perfect example of how accessible electric vehicles are in the commercial market and how the technology is ready for an ‘electric vehicle lifestyle’ today.

Powering a vehicle with electricity is not only 100% cleaner than traditional fuel, it is also significantly cheaper. The Renault Zoe has a battery range capability of 186 miles and have won “Best Electric Vehicle of the Year” for 2017 and more recently, “Best Electric Vehicle under £20,000” for 2018 (WhatCar? Awards).

In summer 2018, W R Davies Renault - based in Llandudno Junction, teamed up with Mr Rhun ap Iorwerth AM to investigate the infrastructure currently available for electric vehicles in North Wales and beyond.

This involved driving a Renault Zoe (Renault’s leading electric car in 2018) from Rhun’s constituency in Anglesey to the Welsh assembly in Cardiff, via Manchester, and back again to Anglesey – over 600 miles to test the capabilities of the electric vehicle, as well as the charging infrastructure available.

Rhun found the transition from a petrol/diesel automatic engine seamless to the battery powered vehicle, and with Renault’s visual display discovered how monitoring his driving style had an impact on range.

The journey started fairly well with several charging points here in Llandudno, including the use of a charger at the W R Davies Renault dealership, but as the journey continued it is clear that more charging points are needed in Wales. This is not only important for local and short journey commuting, but also for people visiting, with North Wales being a renowned tourist hotspot.

This is also the case in England, with Rhun experiencing insufficient charging points in populated cities like Manchester.​

Mr ap Iorwerth AM said

"I had a thoroughly enjoyable week going about my usual business as an Assembly Member in an Electric Vehicle, accumulating over 600 miles of travel and gaining invaluable first-hand experience of using an EV in the current climate.

My week in the Renault Zoe has absolutely confirmed to me that the car is there, that manufacturers are giving us vehicles that are ready for an electric future, but there is such a long way to go in terms of infrastructure. Government has to invest now in order to urge people to join the electric revolution. I’ve really enjoyed a few days of driving the future!"

W R Davies Renault are always trying to help change the future, which is why we offer an extended test drive period with the Renault Zoe; to see how you can adapt to an electric vehicle in your everyday life.

If you’d like to learn more about electric vehicles, or would like to test drive one, get in touch with the Renault dealership by calling 01492 593444.

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