Our favourite bits of the DS 7 CROSSBACK

The DS 7 CROSSBACK takes a design we are accustomed with to a new level. Sturdy, captivating and good-looking the DS 7 CROSSBACK oozes control and composure. This is an SUV like nothing we have seen before. The DS 7 CROSSBACK manages to retain a prominent presence on the road whilst boasting elements of luxury, spaciousness and harmony as well. With that in mind, here are our favourite bits of the DS 7 CROSSBACK!

The spectacular DS lighting

The signature DS Active LED Vision head lights emit powerful beams which run alongside the LED daytime lights that stick out like glistening crystals. The DS 7 CROSSBACK also comes with full LED rear lights which create a 3D effect to enhance the overall appeal. DS claim these to be brighter and safer than normal rear lights.

That’s not all either, you also get DS Night Vision which, yes you guessed it, helps you to see in the dark. The night vision uses infrared to highlight what is ahead of you when driving in the dark. Any potential vulnerabilities will be accentuated to you on the centre console screen.

Two screen technology

The DS 7 CROSSBACK features two 12 inch screens that help you to become one with the SUV. The first screen is fixed centrally on the interior console, this is HD touchscreen that you can used for navigation, multimedia and DS connect. The second screen is located directly in front of the driver within the instrument panel and can be personalised to suit your needs.

Technology like this doesn’t stop there, it is a feature that you will find throughout the whole DS 7 CROSSBACK experience.

Details of the finest touch

We are shown the lengths that DS will go to in order to impress their customers through the implementation of a BRM timepiece and Focal sound system.

Stylishly released from its casing when you start up the car, the BRM R180 timepiece is poised grandly on the centre dashboard so you can stay on top of the time.

DS have also built a partnership with Focal to bring flawless interior acoustics to their models so you can listen to music how it was meant to be listened to.

We are edging closer to self-driving cars!

Keep yourself at a safe distance from other vehicles on the road with the DS Connected Pilot system that takes partial control to employ the ACC Stop and Go adaptive cruise control. You also won’t have to worry about lane control as the Lane Position Assist will keep you firmly in the centre of the lane without you having to do anything. This again is only a partial control so you can take back control of the wheel at any moment!