Citroen presents the 19_19 Concept

A second electric concept car celebrating the brands centenary and vision of urban mobility.


19_19 Concept is a high-tech vehicle with a spectacular design, inspired by aerospace. It pushes comfort to the maximum, recreating a lounge experience on wheels, thanks to smart suspension system giving passengers the sensation of gliding over the road surface. Innovative and futuristic, it offers a driving range of 800km, level 4 autonomous driving technology and a Personal Assistant that interacts with passengers. In the front, passengers have great visibility out of the vehicle, while onlookers can admire the inside.

19_19 Concept interior pass
19_19 Concept road


The fully glazed body of 19_19 Concept resembles a transparent capsule, with the length, wheelbase and ultra-short overhangs being an impressive feature. The very rounded passenger cabin represents the base of an aircraft wing on each side, giving the impression of robustness and width. The perspex is tinted black at the front and blue at the back, a nod to the blue of the Petite Rosalie, a legacy of the brand. The rear of the 19_19 Concept has a micro-perforated film that protects passengers privacy.


19_19 Concept's design is aerodynamic. The front incorporates a double perspex bonnet, extending to the top and bottom of the vehicle. The upper bonnet continues very high above the wings, serving as a fin and as a support for the full LED light signature, integrating the brand chevrons and the Origins logo. The structure of the suspension, the wheels and the inside of the wings are decorated with streaks reminiscent of chevrons.

19_19 Concept front
19_19 Concept interior


The Personal Assistant comes in the form of a cylinder on the dashboard. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it helps to manage interactions with the vehicle and the passengers. Whilst the driver is driving, it remains active but does not take over. In driverless mode, the steering wheel and the pedal unit retract and the Personal Assistant is deployed above the dashboard, freeing up projection surface for the driver. The Personal Assistant has natural language voice recognition, developed by SoundHound Inc, a Silicon Valley start-up.