​Introducing DS Automobiles

Born in Paris, DS Automobiles is the automotive brand that draws inspiration from the French luxury industry.  Thanks to this inspiration, DS are able to bring to the automotive sector the know-how (savoir-faire) and advanced technology that sets DS apart and offers a new experience to our clientele. 

In a year of unprecedented change, customer needs have evolved. As a brand we take pride in evolving with you to ensure your needs are met. That’s why we have created DS +, an innovative solution designed to meet the new needs of today. 

DS +

Buy a DS, Access a Second On-demand

Around a third of people think they will work from home on an ongoing basis and a similar proportion of people would consider owning just one car, if they had access to a second.*

DS + is designed to help fill the gap when households and families need the convenience of an extra vehicle – be it for seeing friends and family or going on holidays – without the need to own and pay for a second car permanently.

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The service gives new and current DS owners access to a second DS on-demand. Fees start from £48 per day and include comprehensive insurance and roadside cover. Vehicles can be collected from DS Salon Stafford or your nearest DS Dealer, or you can choose to have them delivered and collected from your home. Daily prices are benchmarked against national equivalent services with the added benefit of a 20% discount as a DS customer, as part of DS Club Privilege. You can secure your second DS on-demand through a secure online platform that saves your preferences and details for ease of use in the future.