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Building on the participation in Formula E along with our success as double champions, DS Automobiles have built innovative technology into DS 4 E-TENSE, such as regenerative braking and the E-SAVE function, both derived and adapted from our experience in motorsport. Utilising a more efficient platform, the new DS 4 boasts the latest 225hp E-TENSE plug-in hybrid unit. Twinning a 180hp petrol engine with an electric motor that produces 110hp, it delivers punchy performance supported by outstanding flexibility and enables you to drive up to 30 miles on electric power alone, without impacting practicality or boot space.

A new generation hatchback

Now available to order, DS 4 E-Tense is challenging and captivating with its dramatic proportions, charismatic appearance and muscular stance. Inside, augmented technology is at one with the cockpit for an exquisitely pure design that’s both hi-tech and user-friendly to deliver a serene driving experience. Order now with W R Davies DS in Stafford.

A new generation of mobility

Enjoy an new driving experience with our E-TENSE plug-in hybrid technology. Combining flexibility with dynamism, the combination of electric and petrol delivers driving pleasure and comfort.

Electric Range 34.8 - 38.5 miles
Emissions 30 miles zero emissions
Power Train Superb Driving Mode


The Braking Mode can be selected with the push of a button, located on DS E-Toggle, meaning your vehicle will use a higher level of regenerative braking and slow-up faster when your foot is off the accelerator. Regenerative braking slows the vehicle while harnessing the kinetic energy back into the battery, thus helping to maximise range. Around town, the range can be increased up to 20% with regenerative braking.


The new DS 4 E-TENSE doesn’t only incorporate technology that improves your on-road experience. It also has plenty of features that are designed to keep you safe. DS DRIVE ASSIST 2.0, for example, takes autonomous driving to the next level by integrating semi-automatic lane changing, traffic sign recognition, and a system that adjusts your speed when you enter corners. Meanwhile, DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION uses camera and sensor technology to adjust the vehicle’s suspension according to the road conditions, thereby keeping your drive both sporty and comfy.

Plus, with an infrared camera housed in the front grille, the DS 4 E-Tense can warn you of pedestrians and animals in your path. That means safer driving both day and night.