If you’re looking for a modern electric car that ticks all the boxes, the new CITROËN C-Zero is an ideal option. Designed with urban driving in mind, this model can be recharged at home and is built on fully electric technology, emitting zero noise as you travel. Its compact nature makes it ideal for navigating the city, while the low running costs make it a fantastic solution for those seeking a vehicle that won’t cost over the odds to operate.

Boost your battery as you drive

The CITROËN C-Zero is operated by an electric motor that generates 49 kW and is powered by a 14.5kWH lithium ion battery, which also powers the air conditioning and heating. With a range of approximately 93 miles and a top speed of 80mph, the car delivers outstanding agility and can be driven with only an accelerator and brake pedal. You can check the amount of energy you are using or generating at any point, which makes changing your driving style to boost your battery power easy.

Charging at home takes between 6 -11 hours; you simply need to plug the cable into a standard 220V socket to get started. If you’re out and about, it takes just 30 minutes to reach 80% charge at a charging station.

Miles Per Gallon 93
g/km Co2 Emissions Data
£/year road tax £0

Inimitable style

Not only is the CITROËN C-Zero eco-friendly and efficient, its unique styling makes it instantly recognisable. Generously-sized windows and impressive curves as well as strikingly simple, clean lines give this compact car a bold character, while inside it offers abundant storage space and room to seat four.