CITROËN Ë-Berlingo
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CITROËN Ë-Berlingo

Spacious, comfortable and customisable, the New Citroën Berlingo boasts exceptional space and modularity thanks to its three retractable individual rear seats, multiple storage compartments, and new-generation Modutop® multifunctional roof.


The new Citroën Ë-Berlingo offers all the class-leading features of the petrol and diesel variants while also giving those with an active lifestyle a way to enjoy their leisure activities with minimal impact on the environment. Practical and versatile, it’s the perfect partner for a busy yet eco-conscious schedule.

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The new Citroën E-Berlingo sports strong, attractive lines that lend the vehicle a modern and playful edge. It comes in two lengths: the standard size M measures 4.40m long and seats five people, while the new XL size is 4.75m long and seats seven people.

The Ë-Berlingo stands out thanks to its Adonised Blue colour pack, which indicates at a glance that this is a vehicle which keeps the environment in mind. The fog lamp surrounds and Airbumps® boast this eye-catching detail, while an ‘ë’ monogram, sits on the grille and tailgate. A charging flap replaces the fuel flap of petrol and diesel versions, and includes a light diode that shows the charging process.

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Available in a wide range of exterior colour options including Soft Sand, Aqua Green, Columbus Gray, Platinium Gray, Onyx Black, Deep Blue, Passion Red and Polar White - there is a new Berlingo for everybody.Options include white detailing around the fog lights and side protection strips, or vibrant orange highlights, included in the XTR Pack. With contrasting Onyx Black door mirrors, body coloured scuff plates, and a wild green interior ambience with orange strip, they really stand out.

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Citroën Berlingo
ICONIC DESIGN Citroën E-Berlingo has adopted the distinctive and enlarged front end that is specific to the brand's new models with its chevrons. Added to this are the Airbumps® and a colourful signature, particularly around the fog lights, which bring a real breath of fresh air to its robust design and slender lines
Citroën E-Berlingo INTERIOR
COSY & BRIGHT INTERIOR Citroën E-Berlingo has been specially designed to offer all its occupants exceptional comfort and peace of mind.
Citroën E-Berlingo BOOT SPACE
MODULARITY SPACE FOR EVERYTHING With Citroën E-Berlingo there is space for everything! The leisure activity vehicle has rear seats that can be folded separately or together into the floor, creating a flat surface. This exceptional modularity can offer you up to 4000 litres of volume and more than 3 metres of loading length in XL versions. Also in the back, the rear parcel shelf has 2 positions: the regular high position and an intermediary position for dividing the boot into compartments. The luggage shelf can support loads of up to 25 kg and is easily accessed via the opening rear tailgate window. Eminently practical, the shelf is stored behind the row-two seats.
Q3 2019 Berlingo 11.5
CITROËN Berlingo - Family Range


Equipped with a 50kWh battery, the Ë-Berlingo is capable of covering 174 miles on a single charge (WLTP), meaning you have the freedom to go as far as you please with minimal stops. Helping to optimise range is a regenerative braking system that recovers energy during braking and deceleration, storing it in the battery for later use.

Charging can be completed at home using a Green’Up box, which replenishes the battery in around 15 hours, or using a wallbox, which reduces charge time to as little as five hours (11kWh wallbox). Super-fast charging at public stations, meanwhile, enables the battery to be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes.


Drivers also have the option to defer charging, meaning the Ë-Berlingo is charged when electricity is cheapest. 

Optimise your drive with the three modes, each designed to tailor the ride to your preferences. Normal strikes the perfect balance between range and performance; Eco optimises efficiency, and Power delivers maximum power and torque for a more dynamic experience. 


Citroën E-Berlingo has been specially designed to offer all its occupants exceptional comfort and peace of mind. Thanks to its advanced windscreen, its large 360° glass roof surface and its panoramic roof, which can be concealed with an electric blind, the interior is flooded with light.

The Ë-Berlingo enables you to pre-set the cabin temperature before you depart, making the start of every journey comfortable and helping to maximise driving range.