All New Renault Austral

The All New Renault Austral will be coming to the UK in 2023...


All New Renault Austral SUV E-Tech full hybrid features balanced proportions, a bold front end, and a distinctive lighting signature. Its elegant line are accentuated by a glossy black roof, while contrasting side protection elements enhance its rugged profile.


Exclusive E-Tech full hybrid technology inspired from Renault Formule 1™ experience. Electric mode in the city: quiet, the battery is recharged when decelerating and braking. No need to plug into a power outlet.

All New Renault Austral
All New Renault Austral


On long journeys, all new Renault Austral SUV E-Tech full hybrid is a model of efficiency: powerful acceleration and impressive stability. The 4Control advanced* system makes driving accurate and safe. Master bends and curves - you control the road. In the city, it makes all your manoeuvres easier. Steer the vehicle with agility thanks to its 10.1m turning circle, just like a city car.
*model dependent


Innovative contoured cockpit. Generous space between the front seats with induction charging station for your smartphone. 35 litres of easily accessible and modular storage space. The rear bench seat can be slid back 16cm, giving it the largest knee room in the class. Boot capacity up to 575 litres. Hands-free boot access with the motorised tailgate.


Up to 5 different configurations* to adapt all new Renault Austral SUV E-Tech full hybrid to the road conditions and to changing needs: engine sound and response, steering firmness, lighting ambience and driver display configuration.


The exclusive new Harman Kardon system delivers a total of 410W via 2 tweeters on the sides of the dashboard, 2 woofers in the front door panels, 2 surround, 1 front center unit, 4 tweeters and 2 woofers in the rear door panels and 1 subwoofer in the boot.

An immersive, customisable and easy-to-use sound experience.

All New Renault Austral


​Comfort, driving assistance, braking assistance, manoeuvring assistance....the road is under control using the 32 advanced driver-assistance systems of all new Renault Austral SUV E-Tech full hybrid.

All New Renault Austral driver technologies

New generation 9.3” head up display, intelligent adaptive cruise control, active driver assist, and more. Take control of the road without taking your eyes off IT - Make your journeys smoother with driver-assistance technologies.

Front and rear active emergency braking system with pedestrian sensors, intelligent and automatic lights (Matrix LED vision), and more. Master the unexpected on the road with safety-assistance technologies.

Hands-free parking, 360°around view 3D camera... Master your manoeuvres with ease using parking assistance technologies.

All New Renault Austral driver technologies