Citroën Connected Services

Free2Move Connected Fleet is now available helping you manage your drivers & vehicles, via a manufacturer fitted Telematics system. Factory fitted and integrated within the architecture of the vehicle unlike third party solutions Connected Fleet accesses certified data directly from the vehicle's onboard computer.

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How does it work?

Connected Fleet receives data from Connected Box fitted to your vehicles. In order to connect your vehicles to the Connected Fleet platform, they will have been fitted either with a Connected box at the factory (in many cases as part of the standard vehicle specification), or a Connected Box can be fitted at our dealership, if not pre-fitted. It is also possible to fit a box onto other brand vehicles supplied by Free2Move Lease. 

Free2Move Connected Fleet Package Options

Fleet Management | Level 1

​Eco-Driving | Level 2 
(in addition to Level 1)

Geolocation | ​Level 3
(in addition to Level 2)

  • Tracking of hours and miles travelled
  • Fuel consumption​ figures
  • Mechanical alerts in real time
  • Servicing & Maintenance Alerts
  • Driving behaviour analysis
  • Customised eco-driving advice to the driver​
  • Real time geolocation
  • Itinerary and route tracking & analysis
  • Customisable geofencing alerts​



​Protect and maximise utilisation with connected visibility of the vehicle's fault messaging, maintenance alerts or next scheduled service.

​Improved Driver Safety

​Eco Drive function uses vehicle data to produce a driver behaviour tool to help educate, protect and optimise mobile employees

​Fully Connected Telematics

​Industry leading technology to offer certified vehicle data provided by the vehicle's onboard computer. Plus remote activation enables visibility of a vehicle on a multiple end user platform

Fuel Savings

​Fuel evolution reporting enables a user to compare fuel receipts with actual fuel volumes received by a vehicles tank. 

​Increase Productivity

​Accurately review mobile options with 100% accurate data. Promote efficient and cost-effective processes with wide range of customisable reports

Improve Service Levels

​Optimise driver routes and scheduling. Directly track vehicle's movements and trip history. Easily locate vehicle nearest point of interest e.g. customer site or depot

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